Christie Blair

Attorney Christie Blair is from California though raised in Tucson. She spent time in the United States Army as a combat medic, before earning her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Northern Arizona University, graduating with honors. Christie then attended the James E. Rogers College of Law, earning her Juris Doctorate and receiving her law license from the State Bar of Arizona in 2008. Christie had her own firm and practiced for a number of years in the field of criminal, family, and juvenile law, before deciding to take a couple of years off to focus on raising her children and community service.

Christie then re-entered the field to join the team of Rabb & Rabb, bringing to the firm her extensive legal education and experience. Since joining the firm, Christie has had primary responsibility for pre-litigation, family, estate planning, and criminal matters, first as a Paralegal, and upon re-activating her license, now also an Attorney. Christie is a proud mother of three sons, and in her spare time, continues to be active in community service.